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demand supply conundrum

2013-05-28 23.28.18

Yesterday we sold off Iras’ cot. I had put it up on OLX earlier in the day after we figured it was just occupying space and not being used anymore. Moreover our mutt had discovered a way to jump out of it and had so far managed to land on our bed but then accidents can happen…. so yeah it had to go. There was no scope for any of our friends/family wanting/needing it either….. the buyer was a couple from Vashi (5minute drive from home). They came over around 2245 and had a look at the cot. We assembled/disassembled the cot then assembled it again as the guy wasn’t sure he would be able to put it together on his own at home. He asked me to knock off a 500 bucks from the price which I agreed to. We added the bumper, bed sheet and quilt as freebies…. A friend of theirs came with his pickup to help cart it away. We took a picture for Ira for when she grows up and asks “kidhar gaya mera cot?”.

The baby who will be using the cot is 6 months old now. We were extremely happy to have made the sale to these people for two reasons…. the baby girl is extremely friendly and was not at all cranky about being picked up and carried around (usually kids stick to their parents)….. an absolute bundle of joy in the true sense….. the other reason, as we later found out, the girl is an adopted child and has come to these new parents on the 10 of this month….. somehow when I found that out I thought oh chuck it I don’t want your money guys take the cot and everything else as well….. the thought of such a sweet baby being in an orphanage for the first 6 months of her life was very disturbing….. the new mom told us that there are 40 odd kids at this orphanage and they do not have enough manpower to take them out for walks etc. and so the baby had hardly seen the world in the past 6 months…. now when these guys brought her home on the first evening she was taken out for a walk in the park. The kid was very excited upon seeing the world for the first time and from then on every evening 5:30 she starts perking up for the trip out and literally pushes everyone to take her out.

The incident left me wondering ….there’s a bunch of people out there spending a fortune on fertility clinics trying to make a baby while such amazing babies are waiting for someone to pick them up at orphanages around the country….. what could be more heartbreaking and depressing.

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